Hand-built bamboo fly rods in the style of Dickerson & Edwards

Fine bamboo rod restoration & repair
Vintage restored rods available in inventory

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Eustis W Edwards tapers

EW Edwards taper copies

Eustis William Edwards, known as the pioneer of heat treatment of bamboo (for modulus / power), also created some of the most versatile trout tapers ever made. This series of rods has been long in coming - as an Edwards collector, I have a broad selection of Eustis Edwards ..

Dickerson copies

Dickerson 7613 / 4

Lyle Dickerson (1892-1981) has long been known as a pioneer in rodbuilding, due partly to his use of machinery in production but primarily appreciated by fishermen for many of his fast and accurate taper designs.

All Dickerson copies include Dickerson aesthetics, blued ferrules & an agate stripping guide.

The Sable antelope horn

The Sable

For the past eight years, I have been refining "The Sable," a rod built with a combination of bamboo and African antelope horn. My interest began many years ago, after ...

tested on the Housatonic.

featured In George Black's "Casting A Spell"