Lyle Dickerson (1892-1981) has long been known as a pioneer in rodbuilding, due partly to his use of machinery in production but primarily appreciated by fishermen for many of his fast and accurate taper designs.

All Dickerson copies include Dickerson aesthetics, blued ferrules & an agate stripping guide if desired.



Rod lengths & tapers:

DICKERSON 8013 RBS Special - 8' 2/2 - 5wt
 - honey colored - the legendary 8013 Special is an impressive and powerful med/fast action all-round trout -- taper miked from a Ray Bergman original shop rod. $ 1950us w/two tips

DICKERSON 7012 - 7' 2/2 - 4wt
 - honey colored - medium action, wonderful 4wt
$ 1950us w/two tips

DICKERSON 801610 - 8' 3/2 - 5wt
 - honey colored - medium powerful action trout fishing rod this rod is my favorite 8 foot Dickerson - originals are very rare - incredible power in a true 5w
$ 2150us (all 3pc 2tip rods)
DICKERSON 7613 - 7'6"
 - one of my all time favorite 5wts, copied in Dickerson's style can be custom made with tips of four different actions below:

DICKERSON 7613 LS - the lightest of this series - for closer casting to 40 feet
DICKERSON 7613 L - very nice all-round trout taper, full, medium fast action
DICKERSON 7613 M - quick, full dry fly rod - nice to have when the hatch starts
DICKERSON 7613 H the 6wt, "big gun" of this series, good for big flies, streamers

    $ 1750us w/one tip
    $ 1950us w/two tips
    $ 2150us w/three (or all 3pc 2tip rods)
    $ 2350us w/full set of four tips in all actions