The Eustis W. Edwards legacy

This series of rods has been long in coming - as an Edwards collector, I have a broad selection of Eustis (Bill) Edwards (not Gene or Billy) tapers that I have offered in his traditional aesthetics from the rare Filbert St era. Due to limitations in availability of materials they are available for the time being in the Presentation Grade ONLY in the following tapers >>



Length & taper configurations

7' 2 piece for 3wt (Wand)
7'6 3 piece for 4/5wt
8' 2 piece for 4/5wt
8' 3 piece for 4/5wt
8'6 for 5wt





1950us 2pc 2tip rods
2250us 3pc 2tip rods
3200us with full intermediate wraps

hollowbuilding add $180US