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Vintage Eustis W. Edwards Collection

rare classics offered and priced as-is or restored

from the George Black ( author of Casting a Spell ) collection

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01 - Eusitis W Edwards DeLuxe 8'3

01 EdwardsDeluxe.jpg

EWEdwards 8'3 ( possibly unoriginal length but bag is dead-on proper length ), 3/1 - Unsigned. This is a rod I repaired with an old replacement original Edwards butt section from my inventory of Edwards blanks - debated whether it was cut down or made that way, which seemed unlikely. The sections are 33.5, 33.5, 33.25, all straight. Darkly flamed cane, pronounced shouldered ferrules (the rare ones) - mid-to-tip fit is loose, for that reason it hasn't been fished since worked on. Cigar grip, full N/S reel seat with butterfly slide band, all hard-rubber fittings. Original tube, original Edwrds stamped olive-drab bag in fine condition.

 -- $290 as-is

  -- $545 repaired to fish - adding multiple varnish coats on wraps ferrule work on tip and proper tip-top (contact us for fully restored cost)


02 - Eusitis W Edwards DeLuxe 8'6

02 Edwards DeLuxe.jpg

EWEdwards 8'6, 3/2 - All sections straight and full-length with about a 1/4" variance. One tip is a replacement with a mismatched ferrule. Full EWE signature, slightly faint. Medium/dark flaming. Original small agate stripper guide and one agate tip-top. Later signature wrap. Cigar grip, all N/S reel seat with flat slide band, all hard rubber fittings. Needs hookkeeper. Original Winchester-type tube and olive-drab bag, in excellent condition.

  -- $550 as-is

  -- $886 re-wrapped tips to proper silk plus hookkeeper


 -- $1360 total re-wrap, refinish and new cork


03 - Eusitis W Edwards DeLuxe 9'0

03 EdwardsDeluxe.jpg

EWEdwards DeLuxe 9'0, 3/2. - the nicest of the bunch, heavier 6-7 wt rod with full, clear EWE signature and handwritten "DeLuxe." All original, all sections full-length, straight and equal, ferrules fit perfectly. Full signature wraps, but tired finish that could use a revarnish. Small agate stripper, large cigar grip, all N/S reel seat with butterfly slide band, all hard rubber fittings. Original brown bag stamped "Edwards Fishing Rods" in perfect condition. Original tube with the rare green Mount Carmel EWE and Sons label* about 90% intact - marked: Model  72  9’  6 3/8 oz - ghosting of old A&I label on blank - ferrules good - cork 8/10

*(over A&I label on tube -- over original EWE and Sons label underneath!)

 -- $850

 -- $1450 with complete re-wrap / refinish preserving marking


04 - Eusitis W Edwards DeLuxe 9'6

04 Edwrds Deluxe.jpg

EWEdwards DeLuxe 9'6, 3/2. - Fully refinished by us, heavier 6-7 wt rod with EWE style wraps in proper colors. Unsigned. All  sections full-length, straight and equal, ferrules fit nicely. Small agate stripper, all N/S reel seat with butterfly slide band, all hard rubber fittings. Original unlabeled Edwards tube, brown bag in good condition.
Beautiful & ready to fish.

 -- $1250


Eustis W Edwards / Abbey & Imbrie rod tube (only) for 9' rod


Tube and Cap only, 37.5" with good Abbey & Imbrie / "Edwards Hand Made" label - scuffed, breathe holes drilled.

 -- $75

Contact us for more photos and details.


available to ship:

Leonard Mills STANDARD - classic Leonard 50L taper

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50L Mills Standard Photo Gallery >>

The Sable antelope horn

For the past eight years, I have been refining "The Sable," a rod built with a combination of bamboo and African antelope horn. My interest began many years ago, after ...

Rods Sold -


Leonard built Mills Standard 50 'light'

8' 3 piece, 4/5wt
Full length. Fully restored, refinished, re-wrapped with intermediates ready to fish.
New cork,

$1450 US plus shipping


Handmade Lancewood rod from Maine

Lancewood rod from the late 1800s - early 1900s, found in a cabin in the Rangeley region of Maine, decorated wood marquetry. Beautiful handmade period rod, would display well but probably best not to fish. Nice quality solid nickle-silver hardware. Comes with handmade fitted wood case. 9 foot 6" - one full length tip - agate inlay tip-top,

$340 SOLD - email for more info


Green Montague 9' 3pc

Full length and in remarkably good condition - unusual green-painted rod from the 1920s / 30s by Montague - nine footer with both tips, original finish from the factory. Brass hardware. Fitted velvet-lined case. Pretty uncommon. 

$245 SOLD